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Interval Training Infographic

I saw this infographic and really liked it onnaccounta I agree with most of what they say, and that doesn’t happen often onnaccounta most of what’s out there is either misinformation or complete garbage.

So how do you wade through all the inaccurate stuff and find the stuff that really does work? Just subscribe to my blog here and sign up for the X Gym newsletter at xgym.com.  😉


Rookie Stair Training

stairbabyI was interviewed today by Britt Thorson of KOMO 4’s SeattleRefined.com about beginner stair training and it dawned on me that I haven’t written a dedicated post on the subject, so I figured I should!

If you are considering stair workouts as a way to get in shape, you have stumbled onto a true golden nugget because stair training in my opinion is the best exercise on the planet and I’ve got seven reasons why:

1.) It’s the safest sport. Stairs cause the least injuries of any fitness sport. There are several reasons for this claim but one reason is (more…)

7 Steps to Blasting Fat Forever

7 Surprising Fitness Truths You Probably Didn’t Know

By John Paul Catanzaro

(well, at least the first 5 truths are by John. The last 2 are by me).

In life we take many things for granted. People are told to go on a low fat diet and do some aerobic training, and yet they still gain body fat. Your blood work shows slightly altered cholesterol and thyroid levels and right away you’re told to go on medication. The trainer at your local gym rips out a copy of Everyday Stretches (reproduced from a 1987 poster) and says: “Do this before your next workout” but you feel weaker when you do…

These examples and more below explore some of the traditional advice we are given and how some of even the most key advice is downright backwards.

It’s time to question authority and challenge the establishment!

Seven Fitness Truths Your Momma Never Told You

OK, your momma might not have been qualified to tell you fitness truths, but these make so much common sense, they sound like something your momma would have told you.

  1. A high fat intake can actually lower body fat!Two reasons: a) If low fat is consumed, your body retains body fat as a protective/survival mechanism, and (more…)

93 Year Old Beach Biceps?

Yep. Check out this dude. Age is truly only what you let it be!

To read the entire post about him and watch his inspirational talk, click here.

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