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Meet PJ

standingpjPJ Glassey, CSCS

Education and Certifications: B.S. in Exercise Science, (1989) Seattle Pacific University; CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), 1996 NSCA; CPR; AED; First Aid.

Experience: PJ started personal training in 1987, and grew his business successfully for the following 11 years, training clients out of their homes and local area gyms. With these clients’ help as test subjects, PJ invented his “multi-protocol” concept and refined it through 1998 when he formally introduced it to the X Gym.

PJ still spends hours each week studying the current research to further improve the X Gym methods. He has been a guest expert on TV, has hosted his own call-in talk show on KKOL and KVI radio and has authored many works including local and national media articles and two books on health and fitness.

His co-author contribution to the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health helped make it a best seller. Another book he co-authored, “What You Need to Know About Muscle Building: 10 Top Trainers Q & A Sessions,” is another success.

PJ’s main work is his own book, “Cracking Your Calorie Code” which is also selling strong on Amazon.com, or through his own book site at www.crackingyourcode.com. This book is a brain dump of most of what PJ has learned over the years, through the extensive research he has done in the fields of exercise science, nutrition science, and brain science.

PJ’s workout DVD, “X Gym Workout Protocol #1” is also a hot seller, designed to introduce non-X Gym clients to the unique concepts he has developed.

PJ has been selected as one of the top fitness bloggers by several different rating sites. He continues to create free content for people through this blog, his partner blog and his various X Gym blogs.

Some of PJ’s other interests include God, his two teenagers, flying float planes as a private pilot, inventing healthy recipes that taste amazing, and competing in stair climb races, called tower running, one of the most grueling sports on the planet. He proves his own exercise methods’ effectiveness by getting faster and stronger each year, despite exercising less than an hour per week! In 2008 at age 42, PJ placed in the top 200 stair climbers in the world. In 2009, he broke the top 100. In 2010, he made the top 40, then the top 30 in 2011. PJ was also ranked in the top 10 tower runners in the USA for 5 years straight before backing off tower running in 2014 to devote more time to working on his new book. PJ is also a world record holder along with his other 3 teammates, where they climbed 123,480 steps, 76,440 vertical feet and 5,880 floors in 24 hours (more details on facebook.com/EpicClimb).

Need an Expert Speaker?

Give PJ 45-60 minutes and he will have your audience achieving extraordinary results that same day!

Here are 5 reasons why event coordinators love booking PJ:

  1. A life-changing message. PJ’s new and unique content dispels the myth of calorie restrictive diets and shows individuals how to eat right, enjoy what they eat, and reprogram their brain so willpower is no longer needed for fast and permanent fat loss and health.
  2. Dynamic speaker. PJ’s passion is contagious. His audience is always inspired to put his principles into practice immediately and adopt new lifestyle changes that are easy and enjoyable. His principles are effective on anyone, ranging from college students preventing the “freshman fifteen” weight gain, to obese individuals looking for a solution after they have tried everything and have given up.
  3. Thriving businessman. The X Gyms were built by PJ from a single club with 40 members to 3 clubs with hundreds of satisfied clients, all primarily from word of mouth referrals!
  4. Successful author. His book, “Cracking Your Calorie Code” and workout DVD are changing lives and helping people to achieve their wildest fitness goals by teaching them new information and concepts that are truly innovative and incredibly effective.
  5. PJ practices what he preaches. Between his stair climb races, other fitness competitions, seminars, and cooking classes, PJ is always busy doing something and is in top shape and condition no matter what the season.

PJ is available for corporate wellness instruction, fitness workshops, inspirational speeches, fitness lectures, and anything to do with the latest techniques and concepts in strength training, nutrition, healthy cooking, cardio training, and especially brain training. Reprogramming the mind through rewiring techniques, causing lasting change and permanent fitness results is PJ’s specialty. His message is totally new, completely unique, easy to understand and highly effective. Contact him through his main email: pj@xgym.com for more information on availability and rates.

Other contact information for PJ:

  • Follow his fitness tweets at twitter.com/xgym
  • Phone him at 206-938-9496
  • Write him at 3213 Harbor Ave SW Suite 3  Seattle WA 98126

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