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Swine Flu Free in Three Easy Steps!

swine-flu-bacon-revengeI hate to say I told you so – especially about something like this – but in one of my posts last April (scroll down to see it – some browsers may put it on page 2) I stated that I believed the swine flu then wasn’t going to be a pandemic, but it might resurface as one later. I also mentioned that I would have some suspicions if that happened.

Well, it’s back, and I believe this one will be a media-manufactured pandemic, but not a real one,  so I now I feel compelled to talk about the suspicions I have.

Before I get into that however, I want to talk about how you can avoid it. There are many things you can do (besides the common sense things like regular exercise, proper hygiene and not making out with sick people), but I want to focus here on just a few that you might not know about.

The three things I would like to highlight are 1) strengthening your immune system with proper nutrition, 2) taking a vitamin D3 supplement, and 3) using a colloidial silver supplement. Don’t worry, I’m not selling any of them, and I’ll give you the best links I have found so far below. If you find a better and cheaper source, please let me know so  I can pass on the information through this blog or my X Gym newsletter.

Your digestive tract represents 80% of your immune system. If you are eating sugar, processed foods, fast foods, yadda yadda, you are much more likely to get sick. If you are eating like an orthorexic (see post below), you will be able to fight stuff off – even nasty stuff like the swine flu. Be sure to drink lots of filtered water too! Proper hydration is key to an optimal immune system. To figure out how much to drink, divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces. I weigh 165 lbs., so I drink at least 83 oz. each day.

Take 5,000 UI of quality vitamin D3 every day. This has been shown to be a mega-powerful immune booster. It chases off virus and bacteria quite well too. I like this company: http://bit.ly/2bDEMO

Use colloidial silver to chase off the nasty bugs. There are many different sources out there, and if you make it yourself you can even turn your skin permanently blue (great if you are an OCD smurf fan)! The best source I have found (that won’t turn you blue) is through http://bit.ly/1HeWRw

If you follow the steps above, you probably won’t get the swine flu. If you do however cave in to sugar and processed foods and end up catching it, here’s what I think you should do:

  1. Go to bed and monitor your temperature. A fever is good to a point, so don’t fight it unless it gets over 102. Even that might be too high for more than 2 days. 99-101 is great. Try to stay up in that range. Use blankets if necessary. If it gets over 102 for longer than two days, or if it reaches 104 at any point, ice yourself down to reduce it. Put ice packs under your arm pits and in your crotch (fun times) and move them every 5 minutes so your skin doesn’t get too cold in one spot. If that doesn’t work, get in a cold tub of water. Keep your palms and the soles of your feet under the water too. They have capillaries which act to transfer cooler blood to your core more effectively than other areas of you body.
  2. Take 20,000 UI of Vit D3 for the first 3 days, 10,000 for the next 2 days, and 5,000 each day thereafter until you’re better. Then stay on 2,000-5,000 each day to keep you from catching other stuff.
  3. Drink 1.5-2 gallons of filtered water daily, spread out through the whole day, sipping it constantly for best absorption. You will be beating a path to the bathroom all day, but just visualize that you are peeing out the nasty little bugs and flushing them away for good.
  4. If you can eat, go for orthorexic soup. Make it yourself and slow cook it in a crock pot for best nutritional value.
  5. Drink Tulsi tea (this counts toward your water quota). Tulsi tea has strong immune properties, and it’s good for you in many other ways. You can get it lots of places, and can learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/gnSbT
  6. Stay away from everyone so you don’t spread it. Have other people wear a HEPA mask if they insist on exposing themselves to you. You should wear one too. Make them wash their hands before and after seeing you.
  7. Last, but certainly not least, BELIEVE that you will beat it! Picture yourself well, and visualize your immune system and blood cells eating up and destroying the flu bugs. This is the most important step because your brain is the most powerful healing organ you have by far! You can also feed your brain more immune boosting power with memories of good times and watching funny movies.

The 7th step can be used to prevent infection as well. Tell yourself every day that you will stay healthy and well (as opposed to, “I’m not going to get the swine flu”). I use this statement, “Today I am even healthier than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will be healthier yet!”

OK, now for the suspicions. How is it that they predicted the start of this pandemic so accurately when all other pandemics in the history of our planet have hit us by relative surprise? How can someone predict such a thing unless they had inside information? How can someone get such inside information unless they are in on it? Things that make you go hmmmm…

The owners of the drug companies who manufacture the vaccine (and are already making billions) also own most of the big banks of the world, including the Federal Reserve. Things that make you go hmmmm…

The initial outbreak about 6 months ago created the justification to develop this vaccine. My questions is how were they able to develop and distribute a vaccine this fast for a “new” strain? This would be a all-time speed record by years over previous vaccine development times. Things that make you go hmmmm…

Health authorities in many countries now are raising heck because this “swine flu” as it is called (aka H1N1), also contains the bird flu and a highly contagious strain of human flu. The chance of this combination happening naturally outside of a lab is statistically impossible. Things that make you go hmmmm…

Even if you get it, you can kick it on your own. It doesn’t have to kill you. I believe the vaccine will kill many more people than the flu itself. If you haven’t done it yet, scroll down to my other post on this subject and check out the helpful links to educate yourself on the subject. Do your own research too. Don’t just take my word for it, but don’t fall hook, line and sinker for the government’s side or mass media’s version either.

Go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist wacko if you want, but I believe this strain is a weaponized virus, and the “vaccine” for it is weaponized as well. You can scamper out with the rest of the mob and get your shots, but don’t come crying to me when you are paying the price with your health (and maybe even with your life) down the road. I warned you.

With all the research I have done, and the precautions I am putting in place, I can assure everyone that the Alki and Kirkland X Gyms will be the safest places to workout through this pandemic. Exercise is vital to a proper functioning immune system, and our private training studios with air filters and trainers sanitizing stuff all day is the best place to get it!

Stay as far away from the traditional gyms and group exercise clubs as possible until this sucker passes! Those places are the ideal breeding grounds for this bug. Think about it: gobs of people, all breathing deeply, expectorating and sweating on each other, underpaid staff that don’t want to clean squat, all in a recirculated air environment, etc., etc. It’s not hard to get the picture.

I’m not trying to hurt their business or boost mine, I’m just saying it like it is. You need regular exercise to stay in shape to fight stuff off, and I can provide the best environment for that. I deeply care about my members, and I am determined to have the healthiest population of any business on the planet!

This might sound more like an infomercial for the X Gym by now, but that’s OK.  I’m passionate about health, fitness, and my members. Besides, it’s my blog so I can write whatever I want. If you don’t like it, don’t come back here. If you find it helpful however, please check back because I’ll have more to say soon…

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.
Winston Churchill