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Raw Brahs Retreat!

What’s a Raw Brahs retreat and why am I blogging about it? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s about an incredible weekend, designed to focus on yourself and transform yourself through learning the ultimate best ways to eat, live, be real, get fit, get healthy, and be raw!

By being raw, I don’t mean “in the raw,” A.K.A “naked,” but I do kind of mean that in a sense, because you will want to be naked in two ways:

First, you will want to be naked on the inside because you will learn how to finally bare your soul and not worry about being judged anymore or concerned about what other people think about you.

Have you ever envied people who (more…)

My Top 7 Anti Aging Supplements

I posted a list in an X Gym newsletter of my favorite anti aging supplements and had many requests for more information like how much do I take, why are they good, etc. so here are the answers along with the list.

Keep in mind that I’m not a big supplements person per say, but most of the supplements I take are concentrated food or herbs, such as elderberry extract. I don’t really consider these supplements, but rather a more practical way to get the nutrients of certain foods without having to eat lots of those certain foods. Take turmeric for instance. I don’t like how it tastes, but it is a superfood and I want to consume it, so I swallow capsules.

1.) Speaking of turmeric, let’s start with that one. (more…)

X Gym Schools Chicago Stair Climbers

SearsX Gym’s the three man Delta Force stair squad definitely left their mark on the Sears tower in Chicago today (11/15/09). As you may remember, X Gym members and trainers typically dominate any and all athletic events we enter, and stair competitions are certainly no exception.

The 103 story Sears tower climb is the second largest turnout of any stair race in the country with 1,800 participants showing up this year. It is surpassed only by the “Big Climb” up the Columbia center in Seattle. The Sears tower is 34 floors more than the Big Climb however, and since each floor is longer and taller, it is much harder and more competitive.

It is in fact, the hardest and highest climb in America, with the nation’s top climbers showing up to strut their stuff each year. Despite this incredible talent pool, The X Gym ended up owning two age categories to prove once again that we are the most successful training studio in the northwest as well as the most intense and effective training system on the planet.

Kevin Crossman, an X Gym member, along with his twin brother Brian, took 4th and 3rd in the 20-29 age bracket. Placing 11th overall out of 1,800 racers was amazing for Kevin since this was only his 2nd race ever. Brian’s 9th place finish overall was simply miraculous, considering this was his first ever stair race! The twin assassins blew away the stair climbing “veterans” with their astounding performance. No one could believe how well these newcomers did!

I competed in the 40-49 age bracket, and took 3rd place in that division. Since I am still relatively new to this sport as well, my dream was to place in the top 20 overall. Had I not invited the Crossmans, (more…)

X Gym Schools LA Stair Climbers

USBankTower-Oct08-010For those who love to get right to the bottom line, here are the results of my trip to LA on 9/25/09 with Chris Beams to take on the 75 story US Bank Building:

Chris placed 1st in his age bracket (30-39) and 3rd overall in the men’s open category. This was his 2nd competitive race.

I placed 1st in my age bracket and 2nd overall in the men’s open category. This was my 4th competitive race. For the official results on everyone, click here.

My niece Andrea placed 2nd in her age group and 16th overall. This was her first race!

For those of you who like videos, check out our stair blog at www.flightclubseattle.com.

Now, for those who like stories and details, read on, because it was a heck of a weekend filled with more fun and fitness insanity than I have ever experienced!

Wow! Now that was a hard climb! It was an eye opener too. All those piddly little 60 story practice climbs in Seattle helped a bunch until I got about that high in the US Bank building, but then I bonked. The remaining 15 stories were shockingly brutal! I felt like a little dutch boy in the Sahara dessert, walking up a sand dune wearing 10 pound wooden clogs!

My throat was part of that metaphor too. It got so dry and parched, I was horse for (more…)

X Gym Dominates Once Again

DSC_0575 copySo it turns out that stair climbs, triathlons, running races, and obstacle courses aren’t the only contests we dominate as the X Gym. I guess it should be no surprise to report that the X Gym just cleaned house in another fitness competition. Today, August 8th, The X Gym took a “special forces” team of four to the Navy Seal Fitness Challenge at the Bellevue club. This contest required swimming, pushups, pullups, situps, and running, so you had to have endurance, strength and cardio to do well. This makes it a very unique competition, because only people who possess a well-rounded fitness can rank or win.

It is primarily a recruiting tool for the Navy Seals, to help them find folks fit enough to be candidates, but Greg (X Gym member pictured right) heard about it first, and suggested that we try it out. Since we only had about a month and a half to train, it was no surprise that (more…)

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