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Think Thin to Get Thin (Part 4)

think thinContinuing on my quest to rewire the brains of the world for permanent fitness without the need for willpower, I submit to you the final part (be sure to read the previous parts below before this part).

5.) Complete an experience that exceeds your limits. What is something that you think you would never do?  Bungee jump? Speak in public? Pick up a spider with your hand? You know you could do it if you had to, but your subconscious brain doesn’t think you can. If you temporarily overpower it with your conscious brain and keep doing the things that your mind’s eye doesn’t think you can do, it will get confused and will rewire itself to match the new references that you are presenting.

6.) Master a new skill. Most people’s identity is deeply linked to their job, their family/spouse, of both. If you pick a new skill to master that is outside these parameters, you will open up your mind’s eye to accept new possibilities. My new skill was to learn how to fly airplanes and get my pilot’s license. This was totally outside of the fitness world (my job), and had nothing to do with my kid’s interests (my family). Because of that experience, I can tell that my subconscious brain is much less resistant to new ideas and is also easier to reprogram.

7.) Rewrite your most common questions. When you ask yourself questions like, “What’s wrong with me?” or “How did I become so fortunate to have this life?” you are programming your identity for better or for worse. It’s the job of your conscious brain to come up with the questions. Your subconscious brain is the one that answers them.

If you say, “Why do I always have such bad luck?” Your subconscious brain will assume you know what you are talking about and answer the question for you with something like, “Because you’re just one of those unlucky people.” Now that answer is part of your programming, and the next time “luck” is a factor, you will make conscious and unconscious decisions to bring bad “luck” your way. Remember that your subconscious brain always has to be right, so it will make you miss opportunities and help you sabotage yourself so good “luck” never happens and when it does, you won’t notice it.

The same principle applies to fitness. If you catch your negative questions, you can stop the answers from programming your subconscious brain. You can also use this principle to your advantage by forming positive questions that you constantly ask yourself. One example would be, “Why did God bless me with such a great ______.” Just fill in the blank with what you like about yourself. Your subconscious will have to answer the question with something like, “Because God likes you and wants to show you in ways like that.” This opens up the window for future blessings, not just to receive them, but to notice them and create a life where more flow in!

To be continued in the lecture DVD…

Changing your mind’s eye and personal identity might seem like a daunting task at first, and this blog has limitations due to the fact that it is only one form of communication, but if you would like to learn easy and specific strategies on how to apply these principles, then stay tuned for release of the DVD on the seminar I gave on 3/18/10, because this is the subject matter I spoke about in much more detail (including some new and better twists).

Special note to lecture attendees: I know Tim’s message was drastically different from mine in many ways and I knew that you would all have tons of questions. I wanted to lecture with Tim because our viewpoints are so different. He has some great points, and so do I. We both have opinions based on scores of research studies, so how you you know what’s right for you?

Well, I will be blogging about it more in my next post. Keep your questions coming so I can answer them all in the blog which will benefit many others too! Just email me at pj@xgym.com. In the mean time, keep eating your protein, drinking your water, chomping lots of dark greens (raw is best) and limit your fruit intake if you are trying to burn fat fast.

More soon…