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Think Thin to Get Thin (Part 3)

Thin brainContinuing on my quest to rewire the brains of the world for permanent fitness without the need for willpower, I submit to you part 3 (be sure to read parts 1 and 2 below before this part).

3.) Exercise. Start small and move ahead when you are ready. Most people think exercise is a big huge commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. I average less than 10 minutes a day and I am in the best shape of my life! Exercise is vital to your success because it changes the way you move, your posture, how you feel, what you think you will and will not do, and many other things that effectively reform your mind’s eye.

Small steps is the best way to start out, because that makes it easier to establish consistency. When you establish consistency, you create a habit, which can then become a part of your lifestyle. Once you are at that point, exercise is just as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth. Since we now live in a modern transportation society, it is more important than ever to keep moving. God did not designed us to sit down all day!

Exercise can be condensed (like we do at the X Gym and on the X Gym DVD) so time isn’t a factor any more. If you don’t have 40 minutes per week to exercise, you’ve got bigger problems to deal with, so get those straight first! If you do have 40 minutes per week, but you still won’t exercise, then it’s just a priority issue, then read on and practice the other techniques in this series of posts, because they will help you with this one!

4.) Check your peer group. This can be co-workers, your social network, your family at home, or any other group you associate with. Your mind’s eye will listen to the messages from these people too – especially those messages that are linked with emotion. This is how others can brainwash us. Be careful what you hear, and catch others feeding you these negative messages.

You may even find that you need to make some courageous decisions in your life and break off some friendships or hang out with certain people less. Your peer group will either drag you down or pull you up. You have to choose wisely!

If it is your family that is pulling you down, then you need to be a leader and pull them up. Tell them this is your new lifestyle and you really need their support. Be sure they understand that you won’t force this all on them, but that this is your new resolve, and that you need their help, support and love to make it work for you.

You may also find that you need to hang out with certain people more. Find friends that support the lifestyle and goals that you want to achieve. Surround yourself with people who are already living that dream so you can find it easier to share those habits.

Sharing your proclamation with someone in your peer group can also be very helpful. For instance, if your proclamation is “Today I commit to getting healthier and fitter,” say it to that person. Have them respond with, “I believe you and support you in that.” If you don’t see them on a given day or you forget (remember that your old neural networks will sabotage you and try to make you forget or just take away your motivation to do it), then call them, text them or email them as soon as you remember. Just do it every day. It will help you in two ways: first, to remind your brain that this is a new lifestyle and second, to remind them that they are supporting you in it.

To be continued in part four…

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