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Fast or Slow Exercise?

I’ve been preaching fast (short duration, high intensity) exercise since I got tired of slow (long duration, low intensity) back in 1987, so there’s no surprise about my choice. Personally, I train less than 10 minutes a day, so by the end of the week, I have worked out for less than an hour – including cardio, weights and everything. That’s pretty fast.

Fast, high intensity cardio training is the best for the muscles, lungs, joints, heart and physical appearance because it spares and even helps build muscle which is what allows us to sculpt our bodies into how we want to look. This type of “cardio” isn’t anything like the traditional cardio most people do. My style takes about 10% of the time (or less) and raises the hormones that build the metabolism and burn fat.

Slow, long duration cardio on the other hand, shrinks muscle and even eats it away, making it impossible to build a custom shape to the body. Recent research has even found that chronic long duration exercise is hard on the heart and also breaks down the joints. Show me a career marathoner at 60 years or older and I’ll show you someone who has chronic knee pain at best (if not hips and/or back pain too).

Health reasons aside, let’s just talk about physical appearance, since that’s what 95% of us care most about anyway (whether we openly admit it or not). Actually, let’s not talk about it. Let’s make it even easier than that. Just have a look at the pictures below and you choose which body you would prefer to build.