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Don’t Believe Anyone

IMG_9456Are you confused with all the misinformation out there? Are you tired of hearing all the conflicting opinions out there on health and fitness? It’s not your imagination. Even the “experts” rarely agree, but here is a 4 step process to get to the truth.

1.) Believe no one (including me).

2.) Question everything you hear.

3.) Doubt everything you think you know.

4.) Research topics of interest for yourself.

People come to me all the time, confused about conflicting health and fitness information they have heard, like:

  • Total calories vs. its the type of calorie (i.e. not all calories are created equal).
  • Eat mostly whole grains vs. mostly fat.
  • Low fat diet vs. paleo/primal/keto diets.
  • Low calorie diets vs. paleo/primal/keto diets.

Or people tell me that they feel misled, or even deceived by outdated or wrong information like:

  • High total cholesterol causes heart disease.
  • Salt causes high blood pressure.
  • Obesity is genetic.
  • Drugs are a cure.
  • Vaccines are necessary.

Fact is, most information is wrong when it first comes out anyway and more accurate information will always emerge later as better research becomes published.

I’ve been wrong just as much as the next guy, with all the misinformation and mixed messages out there. I bought into the above list too, at one point, before I knew better, and that’s why I believe no one anymore. I research it for myself now and find the right answer – at least the “rightest” answer at the moment – and then go with what I’ve learned first-hand.

Most other people just go with what they’ve been told by the government, or from the “experts” because after all, they should know, right? Well, not so fast…

Our government isn’t the best informed source and certainly not the least biased. They aren’t always putting your interests above theirs anymore either. Things have changed over the years as greed and power have taken the front seat, resulting in rampant misinformation and even sinister intent in some cases.

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but if you really care about your health and the health of those you love, you will refuse to blindly listen to your government (no matter what your county), or the so-called “experts” (including me, remember) without researching it thoroughly for yourself, with an open mind and without any personal agenda or bias.

This is why I have learned to believe no one and research it all myself, assuming everything I hear is wrong. I have to prove it to myself before I believe it and especially before I tell anyone else about it or give any advice to the public.

I just want to help people become their happiest, healthiest and fittest selves. For example, I have no personal agenda when I teach people that total cholesterol is a worthless number, when it comes to predicting heart disease. I make no money off that advice, or benefit in any way, other than receiving the satisfaction of helping people get healthier.

Most people just go with what they have been told by who they think are “authorities” the subject because after all, they know best, right? Maybe, but those “authorities” might have financial interests or other conflicts of interest. Heck, they might just have an ego they can’t get around, like Ancel Keys, who knew he was wrong about the low fat diet myth he created, but refused to rescind his advice so he wouldn’t have to “lose face,” despite the fact that he was killing millions with this advice and still is, long after his death.

Same with many processed food manufacturers, who know how many diseases their “foods” are causing.

Same with big pharma who are fully aware of how fraudulent some of their drugs really are.

Same with GMO corporations who are fully aware of how toxic the “foods” and chemicals they produce actually are.

Same with the amalgam filling producers, who know how many people they are poisoning.

Same with the vaccine industry, who are fully aware of how ineffective and toxic their concoctions have become.

I could go on and on.

The billions of dollars these companies are making off their believers, who blindly believe what they tell the public is mind boggling. I don’t know how those corporate fat cats even sleep at night.

If you aren’t doing your own research to back up what you are thinking, believing, doing and eating, you are either gullible and that certainly needs to change, or you’re lazy because you’d rather not take the time and effort to research the truth yourself, to find out what really is best for you and those you care about.

What I’m saying here is that I take responsibility for my own health and I sure as heck don’t publish a blog post or offer any advice to others until I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am helping people and not hurting them, through providing the most current, accurate and best information available at the time, based on the research I have seen with my own two eyes.

So I beg you to still not believe me, or anyone else. Use me and others only as a guide to get you started on your own quest for the truth and then go find it for yourself!