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Are You a Fat-Burning HIT GENIUS or Are You LAME?

DanielleHigh Intensity Training (HIT) is well documented by the scientific research to burn fat faster and more permanently than Low And Moderate Exercise (LAME) workouts. In fact, LAME workouts can even cause you to gain fat instead of burn it!

Traditional personal trainers, otherwise known as Mentally Outdated Recreational Organizers who Never Study (MORONS), don’t keep up on the current research (because they never study), and since this makes them mentally outdated, they continue to tell their clients that “The optimal fat burning zone is best achieved at about 60% of your maximal effort.”

We used to think that, but research has proven otherwise, so now we know better. While it is true that fat is used as a primary fuel source during LAME intensity levels, it’s not the best way to burn fat off your body and get leaner with time.

MORONS go on to tell their clients that more is better, and the longer they can stay in the LAME zone, the more fat they will burn. The result is innocent recreational exercisers training like a rat on a wheel, for hours each week, only to earn dismal rates of return (at best) for their time invested.

In fact, since LAME does burn more fat during the workout, it can actually tell the body to store more fat! The LAME body says, “Well, since I’m using fat as fuel here, I need to build up more of it for the next time.” Is that what you want?

HIT trainers on the other hand, know that Gut-Ending Intense Use of Sweat (GENIUS) workouts don’t burn any fat at all during exercise. Isn’t this bad you ask? Heck no! The HIT GENIUS style draws fuel from phosphagens, oxygen and muscle instead of fat. This causes a great reaction in the body, because it says the same thing as the LAME workouts but with a different result, “Well, since I’m using phosphagens, oxygen and muscle as fuel here, I need more of it for the next time.” Now that is what you want!

GENIUS workouts are all-out, with 100% effort and they only last 20 minutes or less by necessity. In fact, if you can do more than 20 minutes, you aren’t doing a GENIUS workout. It’s probably a LAME intensity.

The bottom line is this: If you want to get fatter or if you enjoy earning long fitness plateaus while wasting your time, listen to MORONS and do LAME workouts. If you want to burn fat off your body fast, try HIT GENIUS workouts through the X Gym or the X Gym DVD. It’s that simple.

By the way, Danielle pictured above was one of our all-star X Gym trainers, and she knows how to train like a GENUIS. If you want to look like her, switch to GENIUS workouts today! If you are a dude however, you can still look awesome with GENIUS workouts, but you won’t end up looking like Danielle, so don’t worry. If you are a dude and you do want to look like Danielle however, I can’t help you, nor would I even want to.