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X Gym Workout DVD #1 Coming This Holiday Season!

We sure had fun filming our first X Gym workout DVD! Tellit Productions shot and directed it, and they are now in the editing phase (which takes the most time).  It will be out in time for Christmas though, so I’ll make sure everyone knows about it when it is done.

Our DVD will be amazingly superior to all the others out there. Here are some reasons why:

  1. It features one of our exclusive X Gym methods (instead of the traditional method everyone else uses).
  2. X Gym’s exclusive splinter techniques are incorporated for a full-fatigue workout.
  3. This first DVD provides a complete full body 20 minute workout without the need for ANY equipment (which makes it perfect for travelers and home workouts).
  4. It builds a base for progression, so future DVD’s with other protocols and splinters can provide seamless variety with plateau-free strength improvements (there will be 7 DVD’s in the series).
  5. A brain training session is included to help rewire the brain for permanent results.
  6. The latest nutrition advice is provided for maximum fat loss.
  7. Anyone at any fitness level will find it as challenging as it needs to be!

How much time have you wasted in traditional gyms for slow or no results? How much money have you spent on diets and weight loss products that don’t work? How many pounds have you lost and regained in your lifetime? Would you like a solution to these problems once and for all? It’s coming soon! I promise!

It makes a great gift too! If you are an X Gym member, you are probably tired of trying to explain to your friends and family about the workout you endure. Well, this will be your chance to buy them a copy so they will “get it” and start to see for themselves how fast results can be achieved!

If you aren’t an X Gym member, this is your chance to satisfy your curiosity and treat yourself to a workout routine that will finally produce rapid results that will last a lifetime!

Now I’ll leave you with a little teaser clip of some behind the scenes moments: