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Raw Brahs Retreat!

What’s a Raw Brahs retreat and why am I blogging about it? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s about an incredible weekend, designed to focus on yourself and transform yourself through learning the ultimate best ways to eat, live, be real, get fit, get healthy, and be raw!

By being raw, I don’t mean “in the raw,” A.K.A “naked,” but I do kind of mean that in a sense, because you will want to be naked in two ways:

First, you will want to be naked on the inside because you will learn how to finally bare your soul and not worry about being judged anymore or concerned about what other people think about you.

Have you ever envied people who you can tell are being radically honest and open, without anything to hide? They are totally relaxed in being who they are and the normal fears, masks and anxieties so common to everyday life are just not there. Those people are magnetic, aren’t they? They attract others to them because those around them want what they have. Life seems effortless to them in so many ways – and it is. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to be one of those people?

Second, you will actually want to be naked on he outside more too, not during the retreat (please), but after you learn how to eat, live, release toxic baggage and exercise smarter. Once you put all that into practice and finally achieve the results you want, both inside and outside, you will feel and look amazing and will want to be naked more because of how excited and confident you are about your new and improved birthday suit.

How will this all happen? Well, thanks to the Raw Brahs talent of getting the right people together at the right time, they have assembled an amazing group of people to facilitate you in this transformation. Here is more information on this team of powerful, effective, raw and real instructors the Raw Brahs have assembled who will be guiding you through your transformation process.

RawBrahs – Inspiration for Your Transformation ~ Edutainment for Fitness, Food, & Fun ~ Expect Nothing, Experience Everything!

No one makes living a healthy holistic adventurous lifestyle look more fun or attractive than the RawBrahs, three super energetic brothers who are racking up fans on Youtube & Facebook with their zany raw lifestyle antics and stunts. Describing themselves as “solar-powered radically honest raw food enthusiasts” on a mission to connect all their brahs & sistas to our Father God & Mother Earth, Nathanael, Timothy (T-Mango), and Daniel (Danimal) have unleashed their killer abs and wild raw food skits on audiences who had no idea that living healthy can be such an adventure.

www.youtube.com/RawBrahs        www.facebook.com/RawBrahs        www.RawBrahs.com

There are no forms of “edutainment” that are better able to captivate & inspire this audience than these three paradigm-shifting brothers. They strategically use the simple concept of going back to the basics of health by inspiring viewers to drink fresh water, get fresh air & sunlight, eat local organic produce, practice functional fitness in nature, have a strong spiritual connection, and so on. They convey their entrepreneurial free spirits via a clever artistic twist of low budget video production with awesome music which they offer for free through YouTube to anyone in the pursuit to spark social & environmental justice. They are notably known for not only promoting organic, fair trade, local food, but making it seem so tasty, fun, & easy that children under 5 can do it.

Paul Risse from PaulRise.com & CleanseAmerica.com

A son of this nation and a child of God, Paul Risse began his journey with raw foods in Santa Monica, CA where he was a personal trainer for “ABC’s Extreme Makeover” through Body Makeover System. He was also a menu director, life coach, personal trainer and speaker for Loews Santa Monica Hotel and Spa through Body Makeover System’s spa retreat.

The next part of his journey took him to San Angelo, TX to be in his daughter, Kalee’s, life more consistently. In San Angelo Paul worked as a personal trainer and speaker for Community Medical Center. He became a certified raw chef and embraced living off the grid and eating a 100% raw foods diet.

Paul’s next move took him to Austin, TX where he continued his raw food journey by helping open Austin’s first raw food cafe, Daily Juice Cafe, and doing rep work for Rhythm Superfoods.

Stephenville, TX is where Paul’s home base is now. Paul partnered with Barefoot Market to create Stephenville’s first raw food, smoothie, and juice bar. Paul was called to start Cleanse Stephenville, which proved a tremendous success in transforming people’s lives and creating a strong community.

Paul’s next step is to inspire 1,000,000 Americans to do a 10 day cleanse through Cleanse America!!! Where this will take him with his free spirit lifestyle, only God knows, but the excitement and anticipation is palpable for sure.

Perzan Irani from Authentic Evolution Inc. received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University graduating with highest distinction in the top 5% of his class. He would later study psychology and existentialism at Columbia University in the City of New York while serving as a consultant to corporations, government, and the media. He was trained in Radical Honesty and Gestalt Therapy by Brad Blanton, Ph.D., author of the bestselling book Radical Honesty, eventually becoming a Radical Honesty™ coach and trainer.

He was trained in meditation and yoga science directly from Ram Lev, founder of The American Meditation Institute. While on a journey of personal transformation he studied Zen Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy at the Zen Mountain Monastery in the Catskill Mountains.

He has also graduated from Landmark Education’s The Forum and The Advanced Course, Art of Living’s Part I, Part II, and DSN Retreats, The Communication Workshop, The 8-Day Curse in Honesty, David DeAngelo/Eben Pagan’s programs: Advanced Dating Techniques, On Being A Man, Man Transformation, Become Mr. Right, Cocky Comedy, Body Language, and many other trainings.

Perzan currently lives in New York City and runs 2 ½ day intensive live programs for the educational organization Authentic Evolution Inc. (http://www.facebook.com/AuthenticEvolution). He also co-leads weeklong wellbeing retreats in Costa Rica several times a year with the health group known as the RawBrahs. In addition, he leads the Confidence Unchained Weekend Transformation Event for the company The Professional Wingman.

Winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Award for Professionals and a 10-year veteran of the Human Potential Movement, Perzan is an acknowledged expert on interpersonal relations specializing in individuals, groups, and couples.

Using an eclectic approach that focuses on authenticity, Perzan has worked directly with hundreds of people in facilitating them to put their best foot forward. All the time.

PJ Glassey is an author, speaker, workout DVD creator, X Gym owner, Jesus freak, raw food enthusiast, brain trainer, yada yada yada. If you are a regular of my blog, you know me. If you aren’t, then click the “Meet PJ” tab at the top of this page to learn more. At this retreat I’ll be teaching my unique high intensity exercise methods designed to double your results in less than 1/4 the time of traditional methods with a higher level of safety than you ever though possible.


So how about it? How much is it worth to you for a complete and permanent transformation? Is it finally time for a radical personal paradigm shift? If you are perfectly content with your personal, spiritual and physical life, then keep doing what you are doing, but if you would like to improve any part of that, this is the retreat for you!

Here are the details:

When: August 9-12

Where: Seattle, WA

How much: Your $1000 investment in yourself includes room, board, training, instruction and transformation!

Why: To reboot and upgrade to the person you always wanted to be!

To sign up, just email RawBrahs@gmail.com to grab your slot before they all fill up!