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Eat What You Are?

bncnun0cyaaqosaI’m sure you have heard it said, “You are what you eat.” And it’s true, to an extent, because people who eat crap, certainly end up feeling, and looking, like crap.

But what if we switched those words around a bit and followed the advice, “Eat WHAT you are?”

By this I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to eat the calorie composition of our own body makeup?

A healthy body has the following nutritional composition, meaning if you ate a person, this is what you would be eating, based on percent calories (not by weight):

  • 23% Protein
  • 64% Fat
  • 13% Carbohydrate

So if you ate what you are, what would that look like? It would look drastically different from the standard American diet, which is:

  • 21% Protein
  • 64% Carbohydrate
  • 15% Fat

Can you see the main difference? It’s the fat to carbs ratio that is killing us and making us so fat.

We should be eating what we are and then when we do, we can feel good about becoming what we eat – the way we really should be!



Don’t Believe Anyone

IMG_9456Are you confused with all the misinformation out there? Are you tired of hearing all the conflicting opinions out there on health and fitness? It’s not your imagination. Even the “experts” rarely agree, but here is a 4 step process to get to the truth.

1.) Believe no one (including me).

2.) Question everything you hear.

3.) Doubt everything you think you know.

4.) Research topics of interest for yourself.

People come to me all the time, confused about conflicting health and fitness information they have heard, like:

  • Total calories vs. its the type of calorie (i.e. not all calories are created equal).
  • Eat mostly whole grains vs. mostly fat.
  • Low fat diet vs. paleo/primal/keto diets.
  • Low calorie diets vs. paleo/primal/keto diets.

Or people tell me that they feel misled, or even deceived by outdated or wrong information like: (more…)

Coke’s Dirty Big Secrets

aspartame side effects

The “Coke Is a Joke” infographic exposes the false weight loss and wellness claims of Coke in its diet soda line, which uses aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Use the embed code to share it on your website.

<img src="http://media.mercola.com/assets/images/infographic/coke-is-a-joke.jpg" alt="aspartame side effects" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">The "<a href="http://www.mercola.com/infographics/coke-is-a-joke.htm"><strong>Coke is a Joke</strong></a>" infographic exposes the false weight loss and wellness claims of Coke in its diet soda line, which uses aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Use the embed code to share it on your website.</p>

I’ve Been Just as Wrong as Everybody Else

8014abddab2342799315a1205db2a034-800In my journey through exercise science and research since 1987, I have been “wrong” more times than most people, but I end up being “right,” sooner than most people as well because of all the research I do.

I fell for the “calorie – calorie out” myth just like everyone else.

I was duped into believing that the US government’s food pyramid was a healthy way of eating along with the masses.

The low-fat myth suckered me, just like billions of other people.

My original personal training clients, back in the late 80’s. were subjected to traditional training, using sets and reps because I didn’t know any better. I have since apologized to them for wasting so much of their time, now that I do know better.

Heck, I really have pretty much tried it all over the years I have been developing my own system for exercise, brain training and nutrition because I want to know what doesn’t work as well as what does work. Sometimes I’m surprised, because what I think will work doesn’t work, and what I think won’t work sometimes does work.

I do pride myself however, on my ability to find the stuff that does work better before most people do, because I’m spending at least two hours every day on average, studying the latest research and exercise, brain and nutrition science, and constantly trying those ideas and concepts on myself, friends, family and X Gym members.

This is what makes me “right” sooner than other people I know in my industry. Most of them usually fall in line with what I’m telling my peeps, but they are typically at least 15 years behind me.

What is “right” anyway? It’s not actually 100% “right” because there’s probably something better just around the corner that I haven’t discovered yet, but at least at the moment, it’s the “best” advice available for exercise, the brain and nutrition. The things I’m telling people today, might be “wrong” tomorrow, but at least my “wrong” is vastly more effective than most other people’s advice they currently think is “right.”

I love when I’m wrong because that always means I’ve just found something even better and I get to tell people about it!

This is why I’m thrilled every time somebody subscribes to this blog or signs up for my email list through xgym.com because I get to help one more person with the current “right” information at the time.

Thanks for being here and I will continue to remain passionate about delivering the most current and effective information to you until the day God takes me home (at around 119 years young or so).

Got “Text Neck?”

“Text Neck” is a specific posture pandemic problem that has popped up since “smart phones” have come on the scene. These modern, first-world  gizmos are even more powerful than the computers of 5 years ago in many ways.  They’re drastically more convenient too, so people end up surfing the web on their smart phone even more than on their computer nowadays.

Because of this convenience, we can’t seem to spend more than a few seconds standing around anymore, without pulling out our smart phone to check emails, Facebook status updates, Instagram, other social media, and the list goes on.

The video below shows a couple tips on preventing and reversing this modern day posture syndrome, so enjoy and pass the information forward to your friends, family and loved ones!

Source: http://www.king5.com/entertainment/television/programs/new-day-northwest/perfect-your-posture/286700574

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