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Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

Mainstream media has launched an all-out assault on coconut oil and the gluten-free movement this week, with articles such as:

1. Everything you knew about coconut oil is wrong.

My comment: How do you know what I know about coconut oil and what makes you the sole expert on the subject?

2. The debate over coconut oil can finally be put to rest.

My comment: Oh good! Finally, a supreme, all-knowing, non-biased source declares their own victory in this “debate!” (Sarcasm intended)

3. Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy.

My comment: Tell that to all the tropical populations of the world, who eat more coconut oil than anyone, yet are among the healthiest populations on the planet (or until recently anyway, thanks to the introduction of processed foods into their culture).

4. You shouldn’t go gluten-free unless you have celiac disease, according to a study.

My comment: It is well-established now that modern humans have no business eating modern grains. The ancient grains that had health benefits are now extinct on our planet. We have bred them out of existence in order to produce the sweet, starchy (and largely genetically modified) grains we have now. It’s sad, but modern wheat and gluten are downright toxic. I’d eat wheat if I could, but I don’t because the wheat Jesus and his disciples ate over 2000 years ago no longer exists. Also: “A study?” Really? One? And then print an article about it to the world? C’mon guys. Good science never does that. Besides, the study they cite is horroble and the one that started the “Whole wheat is healthy” movement simply compared white, refined flour bread to whole-wheat bread and only found that it was LESS BAD, but certainly not healthy. It caused LESS weight gain and heart disease, but still MORE than people who refrained completely from wheat. And besides, that too was just one study. C’mon guys!

This latest assault is brought to you by USA Today, the New York magazine, and the American Heart Association, which are three of the largest mainstream organizations in the world. These three are also responsible for bringing you the low-fat diet, which is the biggest reason for our modern obesity pandemic and all the health problems and diseases that go along with it.

Anytime I hear “health advice” from mainstream media, it’s a signal to research the opposite of what they’re telling me to do because that’s probably the direction I should go in order to get healthier. I’m not the only one saying this either. Here’s a great post on it: http://sustainabledish.com/coconut-oil-wont-kill-listening-american-heart-association-might/

The recent popularity of coconut oil and the gluten-free movement is certainly getting people healthier and the mainstream, along with the starchy carb/grain industry, Monsanto, and the pharmaceutical industry hate that. They can’t make any money off you if you’re healthy, so now they’re fighting back, trying to suck you back into their deception and profits with horrible advice like this.

If you want to continue believing mainstream, conventional “wisdom” and not research anything for yourself, then it will cost you your life. Quite literally.

If you want to research things for yourself and try healthy, sound recommendations from holistic sources, on the other hand, you will get healthier and not only live longer, but will enjoy that life more, without the need for drugs to keep you alive while your feeling miserable.

It’s your choice. Do a little “work” and research things, try new things, and experience your own results, or be lazy and blindly follow the advice of the mainstream responsible for the current health state of our modern, civilized world.

Speaking of the civilized world, with your research (if you choose to go that direction) start with the strict hunter-gatherer societies who cling fully to their ancient traditions and check out how healthy they are. It’s astonishing. No cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, etc. And no TV, internet or mainstream advice either…

Things that make you go:

The war on coconut oil and saturated fat is more urgent and important than you ever imagined. Please research this for yourself because your life and the life of your loved ones depends on it! Here’s a good starting point:

7 Responses to “Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy?”

  1. Erik Benson says:

    Big fan of your training techniques and videos. I have a stair climb coming up in a two weeks (Skyrise Chicago).I’m no stranger when it comes to stair climbing, as I’ve participated in about 5 other races before. My goal this time is to drop my time by 5 minutes. What training regiment/ diet should I stick to in order to meet my goal? Thanks!

    • PJ Glassey says:

      Love it Erik! For the Willis race, that’s a pretty long climb, so you’ll need some good fuel for that. 2 weeks though, isn’t enough time to make a huge difference with your diet, so don’t make any changes at this point because changes can sometimes zap your energy at first. Just stick with what you’re doing and eat something easy on your stomach the night before and the morning of, but not within 2 hours of your race. And no need for carbo-loading for stair races. That just makes you heavier and slower. They aren’t long enough to need that anyway. Lastly, be sure to be HYDRATED for the race, starting at least 3 days before the race, drinking 3-4 quarts of water per day. Until the race, eat good, organic, real food with lots of greens as your top priority. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Erik Benson says:

    Awesome, I’ll definitely take your advice! Do you plan on participating in the Willis Tower stair-climb this year?

    • PJ Glassey says:

      Not this year. I’ve done it several times and it’s a long expensive trip for this Seattle boy. Although I do get to stay with Jesse Berg (Past Willis tower champ) when I’m there – who’s one of my all-time favorite people – so that will be my main motivator to come back.

  3. Erik Benson says:

    Yes, I understand. I’m fortunate to live in the suburbs of Chicago. I have heard of Jesse Berg before! I’ve seen him on Tim Van Orden’s “Running Raw” YouTube channel! Much respect for all of you guys! It would be great to have the same endurance as you guys do someday!

  4. Erik Benson says:

    The climb went ok yesterday! I got 23:10 which was 3 minutes off of my PR for Skyrise Chicago. I think I started out too fast and by the 70th floor, I was gassed. For next year, I definitely want to start training a few months in advance to reach my goal of 19 mins, or even better.Thanks for all the advice!
    Erik Benson

    • PJ Glassey says:

      Strong work Erik! You might have indeed started too fast, but if you made it to 70 before getting gassed, it wasn’t WAY too fast – just a little too fast. In that race, you should be gassed at around 85-90 if your pace is good from the start.

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