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Farewell Belltown X Gym

As of July 1, I will be exclusively at the Alki and Kirkland X Gyms per the divorce ruling. Evan, Joanna, Steve, Mike, Kailyn and I are all going to Alki, and the Alki crew will be at the Belltown club. It will still be called X Gym, and as far as I know, the protocols will stay the same too.

I have formed many close friendships at the Belltown club and hope to keep in touch with everyone. I can be contacted any time through my email (pj@xgym.com), the website (www.xgym.com), and the club phones at Alki (206) 938-9496 or Kirkland (425) 822-9496.

Losing any of the 3 clubs is a tragedy for me and I am extremely sad to say goodbye to Belltown. I wish to thank all the members there for their friendship, patronage, and help in making it the most successful X Gym ever. It was a blast!

The Belltown club will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first X Gym, and the one I bought over 11 years ago from my very first personal training client and dear friend, Melissa. There are so many fond memories there. It will be extremely difficult to tear myself away, but life throws us curve balls sometimes, and we just have to make the best of them.

With change comes opportunity as well, so I’m looking forward with wonderful anticipation to the changes I can now bring to Alki with my “A Team” of senior trainers. Evan, Joanna, Steve and Mike have been at the Belltown X Gym the longest, and are amazing at what they do. Kailyn will bring his ideas for growth and skills in customer service as well. I know the Alki clients will be thrilled with the improvements in store for them!

We will also be rolling out a new online schedule system for Alki and Kirkland members, a new website, and an outdoor boot camp (see video below).

Thanks again for the memories Belltown! You will forever bring a smile to may face and warmth to my soul.

Here is the new outdoor boot camp teaser clip. It’s pretty corny, but that’s what you get when you shoot, produce, and publish in one afternoon:

6 Responses to “Farewell Belltown X Gym”

  1. Chris Richmond says:

    Hey PJ,

    I was sorry to hear that news… you have been an ispiration to many, myself included. I have learnt so much from you and the trainers at Belltown X-Gym. I have always considered myself fit, but it wasn’t until I started at XGym did I truely start getting fit.

    All the best with your new endeavours, the people at those gyms are very lucky people indeed!


  2. Kit Warfield says:

    See you at Alki, PJ! Thanks for your candor. (And your Hudor. 🙂

  3. Kevin Crossman says:

    Wow this is big news for me as the X-gym has become a big part of my life since the beginning of March. Since then I have changed in body and spirit. My bf% has dropped by nearly 60% and I have regained a level of enthusiasm for fitness in my life that had been missing for a long time.

    I am not sure of the future of my xgym Belltown status however I feel that it is not truly an x-gym without you PJ. I can also say, without hesitation, that while all of the x-gym trainers are GREAT Joanna has consistently been able to push me to the highest possible levels. I don’t know if I will be able to feel normal without a weekly butt kicking administered by her.

    In spite of this my fitness goals relating to distance running and stair-climb remain unchanged. I look forward to the challenge of breaking 6:00 hurdle at WaMu leading the x-gym member team to a top 3 finish.

    Best of luck and I will see you on the steps (if not Alki)!


  4. Taz says:


    Wow- this is tragic news. I say that because in the last four months since I walked into Belltown X GYM, I been able to see first hand the amazing amount of respect and pride your trainers have towards each other and their clients. You’ve set the bar high when it comes to hiring and I love the great “team effort” atmosphere. Personally, I’ve had such a great journey towards reaching my fitness goals. I’d have to say that everyone’s encouragement and genuine interest has been a huge motivating factor for me to keep going and one of the reasons your gym is thriving!
    Yes…it will be very inconvenient to drive a lot farther… but worth it….however I just have to say that YOU BELONG IN BELLTOWN!

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