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Finding Those “Gem” Restaurants on the Road

Travel nutrition can be difficult, but only if you think it should be.

It’s actually pretty easy with the right mindset and a web browser (smartphone or computer).

Last weekend, when I was traveling to Portland for a stair race with some friends, we asked the concierge at the hotel for a great healthy restaurant nearby. That’s usually a good first step, but in this case, he was worthless. He said he wasn’t from that area. What? A concierge who doesn’t know the area? Well, here’s an example of a hotel manager who doesn’t have the right people in the right seats on the bus.

So John and Casey got on their smartphones and Googled “grass fed beef restaurant.” This is a safe bet and certainly better than Googling something like, “healthy restaurant” because almost everyone tries to claim that in their keywords, hoping to snag some suckers. “Grass fed beef” on the other hand, is very specific and no one would put that in their keywords without running the risk of ticking people off and getting a bad online review. The search turned up several places, but the one we chose was called “Cultured Caveman” because we figured this would be legit paleo or primal style food. And it was. Check it out:

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