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Everything in Moderation, Right?

©PJ-2014-Chocoholic-Fitness-Cake-sliced_crop_4260-720x489When I hear people say “Everything in Moderation”, it’s basically just an excuse to eat stuff they know is damaging to their health. Those people never look or feel like me either. They are paying the price for this philosophy and I’ll explain why here.

Is cyanide OK in moderation as long as it’s in something that tastes good? How about eating strychnine, as long as you are careful to space it out enough so it doesn’t kill you right away, or you build a tolerance to it over time, or you take antidotes every time you ingest it?

The food you eat either improves your health or damages your health. There is no “neutral” food. The “Everything in moderation” people are making an allowance for the foods that damage their health. Then, they are hanging on hope that the healthy foods they eat will act as an antidote to counteract the damage they just caused. Does this sound like a healthy lifestyle to you?

Then there’s the people who claim to eat healthy “most” of the time and only eat unhealthy “some” of the time, as part of a “balanced” diet. Dr. Mercola has a great answer to this one:

According to soda companies like Coca-Cola, sugary beverages can be safely enjoyed as part of a “balanced” diet and lifestyle. But what kind of “balance” are they really talking about? In essence, the “balance” referred to here is a balance between poison and nutrition. The idea they’re promoting is that if you eat a healthy diet, you can safely indulge in a little bit of poison every now and then. This is the only balance they can refer to, because when it comes to real foods and pure water — which is the only beverage your body cannot live without — maintaining balance is not really an issue. When you eat real food, it is beneficial and you don’t need to concern yourself with adverse effects like obesity and diabetes.”

The myth that “everything in moderation” is OK was recently busted through the publication of a study showing that eating only one junk food treat (aka poison dose) per day for just one month is enough to trigger metabolic syndrome in healthy people!

I submit that healthy foods can be just as “fun” and delicious and even more so, then unhealthy foods. In fact, I have found that all the healthy foods I eat and the recipes my friends and I have developed (many of them on HardBodCafe.com) are much more delicious than the unhealthy foods I used to eat. In fact, they are so much more delicious, I simply don’t crave any of those unhealthy foods anymore. Those poison food from my past don’t taste near as good as the healthy foods I eat now. Plus, I know that those poison foods would make me feel like crap, so  I just don’t touch them anymore. (more…)