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Infographic from blendtec.com
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Weight Loss Can Be Just Like the Stock Market

Weight 2009 to 10-30-14Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.17.50 PMDoes the chart here look anything like a declining stock to you? Do you know what the terms “resistance” and “support” mean in stock market terms? If you do, you can see this clearly in this chart. Stock can fluctuate seemingly at will which can make investing offputting to newcomers to the investment world. Therefore, something like fractional shares might be a good option for some so they don’t have to commit to whole shares which, for larger companies, can often be rather costly

This stock started at about $280, then went up immediately, then went down soon after that, then hit what looks like a “support” or “floor” around $278. It then went back up to about $295 before falling back down. Notice on that next fall, it broke through the previous “support” or “floor” and kept falling until it found a new “floor” to bounce off at about $258.

As people who understand stock charts know, once the price breaks through the floor and finds a new floor, the previous floor above it often ends up becoming (more…)