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Are Vitamin Supplements Really Worthless?

vitaminsThe recent news media came out with many stories blasting the use of multivitamins based on what a handful of doctors reported of their “findings” in the Annals of Internal Medicine

First of all, the original report came from medical doctors, which always makes me suspicious because they are experts on drugs, not supplements. In fact, most of the time spent in medical school is on the study of drugs. It’s no coincidence that the pharmacological industry is the largest financial supporter of medical schools. Big Pharma wants doctors to be their sales people, so they make sure to fund those schools enough to gain influence over what those schools teach.

This is why when you go to most medical doctors, they spent most of the time talking to you about what drugs they can prescribe for you to treat the symptoms and spend little (if any) time talking about the root cause of your condition and what to do about it. They have been brainwashed to think that treating symptoms with drugs is the same as curing, but we all know that isn’t the case.

Besides, Doctors tend to (more…)

Why Fat is Stubborn in Certain Places

Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to lose body fat in the places you want to lose it the most? Here’s a video on why that is and what to do about it, using a cool brain training trick!

Using Defensive Pessimism as a Tool

Do you tend to be more of a pessimist than an optimist? There’s nothing wrong with that if you are, and sometimes it can even be an asset. Whether you are a pessimist or an optimist, “defensive pessimism” can be a very effective technique. Watch the video below to learn what this is and see how to do it.

My Revised Protein Recomendations

barney-rubble-steakI used to recommend 1 g per pound of body weight as a minimum protein intake. I also recommended on occasion, that people eat more protein than that, even though they couldn’t possibly absorb all of it, in order to increase their metabolic rate. Protein is a very high metabolic food, and the excess isn’t usually stored as fat because the body would rather burn it off instead of going to all the trouble of the elaborate and complicated conversion process to turn it into fat.

Another reason I would recommend high-protein intake to some people was to give them a higher metabolic food that would fill them up and would therefore necessarily crowd out their consumption of other calories – namely fast carbs like sugars and starches. For people with overheating issues and heavy cravings for “fast carb” type foods, this is actually a pretty effective strategy and I still advise this approach on occasion.

In studying the current research, I am always learning new things every day and since the recent research has indicated that (more…)