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How to “HIT” Father Time Where it Hurts

FTWanna punch this guy in the face? I can show you how – and how to get away with it.

If anyone did a simple Google search, they would find numerous studies over the last 20 years showing that exercise adds years to your life, so this is well established and now accepted as fact, but a recent study showed that a certain type of exercise gives Father Time a special beat down. It’s called High Intensity Training (HIT), and while we are on the subject of time, it will save you a ton of it while giving you more of it.

HIT requires only a fraction of the time traditional training requires. A strength workout at the X Gym for instance, takes only 21 minutes, twice a week to attain strength, cardio and endurance benefits. To get comparable benefits with a traditional trainer, you would have to burn over 8 hours per week.

It seems recent mainstream research helps back up this bold claim. Scientists who looked at cyclists in Denmark found that men who rode with high intensity lived 5.3 years longer, and those with (more…)