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7 Steps to Staying Well

It seemed like this year had some really nasty bugs going around. These bugs also seemed more contagious than I have seen before. I usually get a pretty good pulse on bugs going around because of how many people I see each day through my gyms.

People ask me all the time how I avoid getting sick with all the exposure to sweaty people breathing in my face every day. I will attempt to answer those questions here, not because I’m any kind of a doctor, but because getting sick seriously derails fitness programs and can be quite frustrating when on a quest to get in top condition.

The following are the seven most effective ways I have found to stay healthy. I’m not saying these are the best ways for you, but it certainly has worked for me.

1. I wash my hands often. I am somewhat of a microphobe anyways, but shaking hands with someone who is sick or someone who is coming down with an illness and doesn’t know it yet are great ways to acquire their virus or bacteria. It’s not just about having the virus or bacteria on your hand of course. Unless you have a scrape or cut, the presence of the virus or bacteria on your hand won’t make you sick. It’s when you take that hand and wipe your face that allows it to get into your body through your nose, mouth or eyes.

2. I get between seven and eight hours of (more…)