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Why is America So Fat?

America now tops the list of the fattest countries in the first world. In fact, new data shows that we are about 60% obese as a population now, when measured by bodyfat instead of that worthless “BMI” measurement our government insists on using.

Why is this, when the USA has the most personal trainers and the highest number of health clubs per capita of anywhere on the planet? Well, the answer is simple. We have been brainwashed that fat is fattening and have been misdirected from the real culprit: SUGAR.

Sugar spikes your insulin. High insulin levels put you in a fat storing mode. Insulin spikes also cause you to be hungry for more sugar. I’m sure you can see the viscous weight gain cycle here.

By “sugar” I mean sucrose, dextrose, refined flour, refined bread, and starches. Sugar also includes fructose, which is in my opinion, the worst of the sugars. It’s no coincidence that our obesity rate increase parallels our fructose consumption increase since the 1970’s. Fructose is found in (more…)