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Lose Your Belly, Expand Your Brain

How would you like to lose your belly and expand your brain at the same time?

new study has revealed that meditation may enhance key structures in the brain responsible for learning, memory, and emotion control. This adds gray matter, but also reduces the belly due to an increase in willpower and a resulting improved ability to resist cravings normally caused by emotional eating.

One of the key structures referred to above is a part in the front of the brain called the prefrontal cortex (PFC). I have talked about this part of the brain before in older posts, because it is vital to your ability to control emotional eating and your ability to stop eating when you should. The PFC is the part of the brain that is used for: (more…)

7 Tricks to Sleep Better

Did you know that getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night is a vital part of your fitness program? In fact, not getting enough sleep is downright fattening.

I know of someone who put his sleeping habits aside to get through finals and gained 5 pounds in about 9 days. He didn’t change any other lifestyle factors or habits either. He stuck with his schedule for exercise, his same eating routine, same foods and amounts. A drastic reduction in sleep was the only variable that was changed. Because of this, he was at the mercy of his hormones.

When we don’t get our sleep, our hormones get all out of whack and our metabolism changes drastically. This goes for your quality of sleep as well as getting enough of it. Here are some tips on how to get yours.

1.) Go to bed early. No matter when you have to get up in the morning, see if you can get to bed before 10 pm (or earlier if you get up before 6 am). Most people stay up late when they think they can count on sleeping in, but that doesn’t always happen and even if it does, (more…)