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The 7 Most Stubborn Diet Myths

Most people still don’t get it. It’s no wonder though, and the general population really isn’t to blame. They are just being misled. If you don’t do your own research, you won’t have the right information. Even the American Dietetics Association is decades behind in the research. Most nutritionists and dietitians are still giving most of  their recommendations to clients based the ADA.

Physicians are the worst though. The overwhelming majority of the Md’s today have not had one single nutrition course in medical school. They have been given extra classes on drugs instead, so they are programmed to be (unknowing) sales reps for the drug companies who fund their schools (both directly and indirectly). Drug companies don’t want people to know how to eat right, because since God created our body to heal itself through proper care and if we all ate right and exercised properly, then every drug company would be out of business, instead of making bazillions of bucks every year!

OK, I’ll step of that soapbox now and leave it for another day, but for now, (more…)

Top 7 Most Stubborn Exercise Myths

Why are there so many myths out there and why are they so pervasive and persistent? Mainly because mainstream media has perpetuated them, but also because people just don’t know any better, since they haven’t seen the recent research. Here are the top 7 exercise myths still circulating today and their modern answers, based on the research. I could cite thousands of studies, but I will limit it to just a few here, with a wide range of years to draw from, so you can see how long the truth has actually been available to us!

Myth #1: You have to exercise at least an hour to make it worth your while.

I’m still not sure where this one came from. Most trainers require an hour from their clients. Maybe they think it’s a value thing, but most of that hour is chit-chatting and rest periods, with very little real exercise  taking place. Science has shown us that a 15 minute workout can cause much better results than the traditional long duration workouts. (http://jp.physoc.org/content/588/6/1011.abstract)

Myth #2: Weight training always (more…)