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Love Can Make You Thin!

You may have already heard me talk about how our endocrine system is linked to our metabolism and how the right attitude can burn fat. I have mentioned this in lectures, seminars, blogs, articles and newsletters. The state you are in most of the time can indeed determine whether you are chronically fat or easily thin without much effort. If you are fear-based and worry about things often, you are producing the chemicals that break your body down, create inflammation, and store fat. The same goes for anger and resentment. Holding a grudge or harboring hate can be very fattening!

Love and forgiveness on the other hand, can release you from (more…)

Is Your Tap Water Making You Fat?

Being dehydrated can make you fat and keep you from losing fat, because when you are in this state, your kidneys aren’t working right, so your liver has to step in and help them out. One of your liver’s main jobs is to pull fat out of your tissues to be burned off and used for fuel. If it’s busy helping out the kidneys, guess what job it’s not doing?

For this reason, I used to say hydrate at all costs, even if you have to drink tap water. After further investigation of our tap water however, I’m not saying that anymore. I have ended up getting a water filter to get rid of all the unneeded chemicals in it. Have a look at Best Products Pro to see what the best filters on the market are. I now think that for some people, drinking tap water is more fattening than being mildly dehydrated.

What caused my change of heart? Well, as far as fitness goes, it’s because of the effect your municipal “fluoridated” water has on your thyroid. This “fluoridation” process suppresses your thyroid function and depresses your metabolism. It also depresses your mood, so that makes you less likely to (more…)