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Do the TSA Porn Scans Have a Silver Lining?

TSAscanFolks are all up in TSA’s grill about the new Rapiscan machines that see through clothing. Some people are acting as though they’re being put through something you’d see on https://www.videoshd.xxx/! Here are a couple recent posts and tweets on the subject I found online:

Facebook Post: Just had my first TSA full body scan at Tampa International. Not a fan of of having my most personal privacy abrogated for the the “greater good” of our national security, insult was added to injury when the TSA officer declared, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

Tweet from Alexia: No surprise that TSA porn scans wold get so much backlash — Nobody, I repeat nobody is comfortable with their body. I could swear there was some content on websites similar to https://www.tubev.sex/categories/1195/interracial featuring this.

Reply tweet from Sarah Lane to Alexia: @alexia Silver lining: TSA has become a gym motivator for me. If I have to show them the goods, THEY WILL LIKE WHAT THEY SEE

Too funny! Does this mean TSA is now (more…)

The common drug that can make you fat.

diet_pill_370x278Dr. Sears came out with another great post on the conflict between antibiotics and your waistline. Below is his message in it’s entirely. You will quickly see yet another reason to eat clean and stay healthy!

When your doctor gave you your last prescription for an antibiotic, did he tell you it would make you fat?

He should have. Because taking antibiotics regularly can do all kinds of strange things to your body. And that includes making you gain weight.

The bacteria in your gut play an important role in determining whether your body stores the food you eat as excess pounds.

Let me explain…

Your gut is filled with both good and bad bacteria. Nature designed you that way. In fact, they (more…)