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Be a Waste to Lose Your Waist

Fat in a carAll this talk about being green and energy efficient is great for the environment, but we should be doing the opposite with bodies. What do I mean by this? It simple. Be an energy hog. Pretend your body is a hummer, not a hybrid, and waste as much energy as you can each day.

Each year we get lazier. We also invent more stuff that supports that lazy lifestyle. 150 years ago, we had to walk or ride a horse to get somewhere. We took stairs, not escalators. We farmed, made stuff with our own hands, and cooked our own food. This food was all “organic” too, but that’s another rant, er I mean, another post…

Humans have been around for thousands of years, but only in the last century have we been able to get away with doing so little physically. We have so many machines that do stuff for us and to cart our fat butts around, it’s pathetic. While the convenience is nice, these conveniences are killing us and contributing to the biggest obesity epidemic in the history of mankind.

Get Inefficient – Do the Opposite

To turn the tide, I propose that we all get as “inefficient” as possible each day.  How you ask? It’s actually pretty easy. When it comes to activity, just do the opposite of what your natural inclination tells you to do.

Today for example, I stood the whole time in church instead of finding a seat. I parked further away from the front door at Costco. On the walk into Costco, I found a stray cart in the parking lot and pushed it to the front door. I didn’t need that cart however, because I sought out a box to carry around instead. I ended up getting more than I came for (of course), so that box got pretty heavy and my arms were really fatigued and burning while standing in the checkout line, but that was the point! I was burning energy and getting stronger at the same time – JUST LIKE PEOPLE HAD TO DO 150 YEARS AGO!

Get creative and make it a game. You’ll soon rewire your brain with this new habit too. You will start thinking active by default, and soon you will find that your other habits are changing as well. Your food choices will get better, you will find more active friends to hang around with and so on, until you finally find yourself thin and fit – JUST LIKE PEOPLE WERE 150 YEARS AGO!

Go Ahead – Waste and Waist Away

Start being a waste today! This is something that is easy to implement because it requires no additional time or money, just a little more effort spaced out through the day. It’s good for your body, your mind, and your soul. All you have to lose is your waist, so why not?

Are You a Fat-Burning HIT GENIUS or Are You LAME?

DanielleHigh Intensity Training (HIT) is well documented by the scientific research to burn fat faster and more permanently than Low And Moderate Exercise (LAME) workouts. In fact, LAME workouts can even cause you to gain fat instead of burn it!

Traditional personal trainers, otherwise known as Mentally Outdated Recreational Organizers who Never Study (MORONS), don’t keep up on the current research (because they never study), and since this makes them mentally outdated, they continue to tell their clients that “The optimal fat burning zone is best achieved at about 60% of your maximal effort.”

We used to think that, but research has proven otherwise, so now we know better. While it is true that fat is used as a primary fuel source during LAME intensity levels, it’s not the best way to burn fat off your body and get leaner with time.

MORONS go on to tell their clients that more is better, and the longer they can stay in the LAME zone, the more fat they will burn. The result is innocent recreational exercisers training like a rat on a wheel, for hours each week, only to earn dismal rates of return (at best) for their time invested.

In fact, since LAME does burn more fat during (more…)