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Think Thin to Get Thin (part one)

thinking_man_vectorWhen I originally finished this post in its entirely, it was quite a monster. To make it easier to digest, I decided to break it up into smaller sections.  Here is part one and the following parts will be posted every few days. That way, you will not only be able to understand the concepts better, but you will be able to put them into practice more easily by applying the principles one by one, letting them build on one another.

This concept is one that is very important to learn, because it is the key to permanent fitness and fat loss. The process of rewiring your brain for permanent fitness is easy when it is done in metered doses, but releasing all the information at once would be disservice and would make it seem like more of a challenge than it really is.

My upcoming lecture will make this all very easy to understand and implement, but since I only have the written word as a vehicle for the message here, it needs to be delivered it in metered doses.

I have written previously on how our identity shapes our decisions, actions and results. It warrants revisiting, with a new twist of course, because it’s all about how we see ourselves, or in other words, our “mind’s eye.” This term is interchangeable with “identity” because they really are the same thing.

The strongest force that guides your actions is the need to remain consistent with your mind’s eye. This will dictate your actions, habits and patterns. This is very important because these actions, habits and patterns create who you are.

If you see yourself as a conservative person, but want to “cut loose” and have a “wild and crazy time,” you may be able to do that for a short while, but you will soon revert back to your usual conservative lifestyle.

The same goes for your body. If you think of yourself as a fat person, you may be able to change your patterns with exercise and diet for a short time (maybe even long enough to lose all the weight you want to) but if your mind’s eye doesn’t change, you will go right back to the way you were.

This is why people yo-yo diet. Their body changes, but their brain doesn’t. It’s a shame so few people are talking about this, but it is the fundamental reason 97% of dieters fail to keep the weight off. If trainers Jillian and Bob from the Biggest Loser TV show knew this principle, they could change their students forever, instead of just throwing them under the weight loss yo-yo bus like all the other trainers.

Have conservative people become wild and stayed that way? Have fat people lost their weight and kept it off? Of course, and in every case, they changed their mind’s eye to make the change permanent. 100% of the 3% who do succeed in staying thin have trained their brains along with their body. This process must happen for permanent success. There are no exceptions.

Your mind’s eye is housed in your subconscious brain. You may not even know that you think of yourself the way you really do, because your conscious brain isn’t always on the same page as your subconscious brain. The ONLY way to find out what is housed inside your subconscious brain is to look at your actions and the results of those actions.

Have you ever done something or said something and immediately thought, “Where the heck did that come from?” That action or language certainly isn’t you, or is it? We all have “brain farts” where we make stupid mistakes and sometimes they are just that, but most of the time it’s your subconscious brain taking over and keeping you consistent with who it thinks you are.

Do you know someone who always has to be right, no matter what, even when they themselves know they are wrong? Many of us have had bosses like that, haven’t we? That’s what your subconscious brain is like. It’s “the boss” and it always has to be right. Whatever it believes you are is the way it will make you act. It’s the way we are wired and whether you like it or not, that is what you have to work with.

What if the mind’s eye is not the one you want? Well, the good news is “the boss” is easy to reprogram. In fact, it’s even easier to reprogram than your conscious mind, and it can be done by faithfully following the 7 steps I will lay out for you through this blog.

To be continued in part two…

Changing your mind’s eye and personal identity might seem like a daunting task at first, and this blog has limitations due to the fact that it is only one form of communication, but if you would like to learn easy and specific strategies on how to apply these principles and work with me live, then come to my next seminar, because this is the subject matter I will be speaking about with much more detail than can be delivered through this medium. Click here for more details…