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X Gym Schools LA Stair Climbers

USBankTower-Oct08-010For those who love to get right to the bottom line, here are the results of my trip to LA on 9/25/09 with Chris Beams to take on the 75 story US Bank Building:

Chris placed 1st in his age bracket (30-39) and 3rd overall in the men’s open category. This was his 2nd competitive race.

I placed 1st in my age bracket and 2nd overall in the men’s open category. This was my 4th competitive race. For the official results on everyone, click here.

My niece Andrea placed 2nd in her age group and 16th overall. This was her first race!

For those of you who like videos, check out our stair blog at www.flightclubseattle.com.

Now, for those who like stories and details, read on, because it was a heck of a weekend filled with more fun and fitness insanity than I have ever experienced!

Wow! Now that was a hard climb! It was an eye opener too. All those piddly little 60 story practice climbs in Seattle helped a bunch until I got about that high in the US Bank building, but then I bonked. The remaining 15 stories were shockingly brutal! I felt like a little dutch boy in the Sahara dessert, walking up a sand dune wearing 10 pound wooden clogs!

My throat was part of that metaphor too. It got so dry and parched, I was horse for (more…)

Swine Flu Free in Three Easy Steps!

swine-flu-bacon-revengeI hate to say I told you so – especially about something like this – but in one of my posts last April (scroll down to see it – some browsers may put it on page 2) I stated that I believed the swine flu then wasn’t going to be a pandemic, but it might resurface as one later. I also mentioned that I would have some suspicions if that happened.

Well, it’s back, and I believe this one will be a media-manufactured pandemic, but not a real one,  so I now I feel compelled to talk about the suspicions I have.

Before I get into that however, I want to talk about how you can avoid it. There are many things you can do (besides the common sense things like regular exercise, proper hygiene and not making out with sick people), but I want to focus here on just a few that you might not know about.

The three things I would like to highlight are 1) strengthening your immune system with proper nutrition, 2) taking a vitamin D3 supplement, and 3) (more…)