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Good Nutrition Without a Plan

Wake up!How many times have you awoken in the morning only to realize that you don’t have any food prepared, are going to be too busy to cook, and you really have no plan? This hardly ever happens to me, but it did yesterday (Saturday). I almost always make food for 3 days or more in advance, but alas, I found myself in a bind and with a relatively empty fridge at home, so my options were certainly limited.

Similar situations arise for many of us when traveling, but I’ve written on that before in other articles and in my book Cracking Your Calorie Code, so this post is more about what to do in your own home and on your own turf when you find yourself unprepared, super busy, and without a plan.

When I woke up at 5 am Saturday morning to get ready to take my 14 year-old daughter to her volleyball tournament in Olympia (over an hour drive), I realized I had left all my food in the fridge the Belltown X Gym. My first thought was “crap!” My second thought was (more…)

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