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Is Your Kitchen Lonely?

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photography email: eliot@zeitgeist.com.auWhen is the last time you spent some quality time with your kitchen?

My philosophy is all about getting healthy through food and proper nutrition. This involves eating REAL food instead of processed foods, and eating the kinds of foods we ate 200 years ago – before the processed food revolution hooked us on instant gratification and tore us away from our kitchens. 

Heck, even as recent as 40 years ago, we spent time every day in our kitchens, cooking real food that had one ingredient for each item. These items didn’t need a food label or nutrition facts either, because the ingredient list was just one word – like, “spinach” or, “salmon.”

Then along came the processed food revolution, starting with (more…)

Restoring Your Youthful Metabolism

Remember when you were a kid, how you could stay skinny despite eating whatever you wanted? Well, here’s a video with some practical ways for you can get that kind of metabolism back at any age!


It’s Not About the Calories – It’s About Your Hormones!

Here’s a video of a talk I did on this subject. My goal is to get the truth out there – that calories really don’t matter and balancing your hormones is what matters most.

Millions of people prove every year that diets and calorie restriction does not work with the human physiology, yet they keep trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. This perpetual frustration (and frankly, insanity) can be stopped with a little understanding of hormones and how they affect health and fat loss in the human body.

Watch and enjoy!


Rookie Stair Training

stairbabyI was interviewed today by Britt Thorson of KOMO 4’s SeattleRefined.com about beginner stair training and it dawned on me that I haven’t written a dedicated post on the subject, so I figured I should!

If you are considering stair workouts as a way to get in shape, you have stumbled onto a true golden nugget because stair training in my opinion is the best exercise on the planet and I’ve got seven reasons why:

1.) It’s the safest sport. Stairs cause the least injuries of any fitness sport. There are several reasons for this claim but one reason is (more…)

Are Flabonoids Making You Flabby?

lean-vs-flabbyOK, I admit that FLABonoids isn’t a real word, but I’m coining it now, so if I have any say, it will be in the dictionary within 10 years and I’ll be on the Ellen DeGeneres show talking about it.

Actually, I didn’t even come up with the word myself. I have to give the credit to my friend Angela who came up with it based on a misunderstanding. I was talking with her about flavonoids (also known as flavonols), which is a healthy component in healthy foods, and she thought I said flabonoids. After a copious amount of belly laughter, it dawned on me that flabonoids is the perfect word to be the antithesis of the word flavonoids!

Healthy foods like kale, broccoli, berries, arugula, asparagus, chia seeds, raw cacao, and tea (to name just a few) contain high amounts of (more…)

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